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Market report:

Quality is the life of an enterprise

To the quality of survival, to the quality of development, to the quality of efficiency.

Quality, the foundation of the industry, management, the road to strong industry; Benefit, the source of industrial development.

The customer is our god, the quality is god's demand

Our strategy is to win by quality

Market competition does not sympathize with the weak, not innovation breakthrough only out

Improve after-sales service quality and customer satisfaction

Pay attention to the contract, ensure quality: on time delivery, strictly abide by the promise

The brand of the product is the symbol of quality.

Team spirit slogan:

1. "Three new two points" : new opportunities, new challenges and new markets; Service has only the beginning, satisfaction has no end

2. Confidence and integrity; Intentions and innovation

3. "Hard and solid, honest commitment, practical and effective" :

4. Strive for a solid foundation of the enterprise with a hard style; Commitment to first-class enterprise service with honest belief; Practical spirit to create efficient corporate performance

5, pioneering, innovation, based on the market for development; High quality, efficient, attentive service for users

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Our locomotive/wagon parts are certified by CRCC,entering into many locomotive markets including CRCC Jinan locomotive, Yangtze wagon,etc


As business ongoing,Baoding weishou imp&Exp Co.,Ltd(WS MFG) was built for better service to abroad customers in 2018.Besides supporting Lianxiang business,Baoding WS mfg also independently operate its product lines including sand casting,investment casting,aluminum permanent mold casting,die casting,machining and other after treatings.

Add:West of Xima Village, Ranzhuang Town, Qingyuan County, Baoding City, Hebei Province